custom embroidery {family mission statement}

Custom embroidery family mission statement

I’ve had the privileged lately to custom design a few embroideriesĀ  with such great stories. It is always so fun and amazing to be able to take what someone has had pictured in their heads and create it for them. This family mission statement was such a project.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

This wife approached me wanting to have their family mission statement embroidered for their upcoming wedding anniversary. She had a few photos of examples that she had liked and after we chatted back and forth a little I was able to come up with this design. It’s the first time I’ve stitched with these open block letters and I love the look so much. She had desired to have some little hearts on the piece based on a example that she had sent me and we opted to stitch them inside the open space in the block letters.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

Her desire was to have a very natural look and so I used an unbleached muslin for the backdrop and stitched the text in a very dark grey. The hearts were a mix of turquoises, pinks and a golden yellow.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

I can’t tell you want a blessing it is to hear customers declare that it was exactly what they were picturing in their heads. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity and ability to create for others a family heirloom that they can pass down.

throwback thursday {my favorite ever}

On Thursdays, I take a look back in my archives. After blogging for almost 8 years I find it’s refreshing to take a look back.

If there is one outfit that is top of my favorites that I’ve ever sewn for my daughter it is this one. I remember the day I bought this orange Japanese fabric (at my first ever visit to Textile Fabrics in Nashville) and this was also one of the first times I had sewn from Oliver + S (which I count as the one pattern company that has truly grown and stretched my sewing skills). It is the one outfit that I will never get rid of an she didn’t wear nearly enough. I love it from all the tiny frustrations and errors to the sweet little covered buttons on the back. Enjoy this post back from 2009.


O+S Outfit

This outfit has caused me to bang my head on the wall more than once…but now that it is complete I totally love it!

O+S shirt back

I showed off the shirt a few days ago, so here is the completed back.

O+S button

I’m in love with the buttons. This is why I just loved this fabric, those little frogs peeking out!

O+S Skirt

Here is the skirt. The placket part is a bit messed up (not sure what happened there) but other than that it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself!

Don’t you know what this little chick is wearing to church on Sunday!

Oh, the important stuff…the fabric is a Japanese print and the green is just something I splurged on at the local quilt shop. The pattern is Oliver + S: 2+2 Blouse and Skirt

And the quilt…next on the agenda now that I’ve whittled down my sewing pile (only to have it fill back up again after my girl’s weekend, but that’s another story!)

pattern review: 241 tote

I bought this pattern for the 241 tote by noodle-head months ago because I was desperate for a new bag. It has been sitting in my inbox for way to long and Friday I decided come heck or high water I was going to get it stitched up.

I didn’t want to buy any new fabric for it so I went digging in my stash for yardage that had just been sitting and waiting for too long. I bought this Heather Ross Far and Away fabric like 4 years ago to do curtains in our now demo-ed basement. I love this fabric and just couldn’t see it laying there anymore. I grabbed up a couple of others from the stash and got busy cutting the pattern out.

241 tote by noodle-head

There are a fair amount of pieces to this pattern, but it’s pretty easy to see what you need and where things will fit together. The hardest part is figuring out how you want to piece all the different fabrics together! You can add zipper pockets to the front or leave them off; which I left off mostly because I hate zippers and also because I was trying to make do with what I had in the studio.

241 tote by noodle-head

My favorite part of this whole bag is the top-stitching. It’s funny how something as simple as adding a second row of top-stitching can give a bag or garment that extra something. I really think for me that it gave this bag less of a home-made look and more of a professional one.

241 tote by noodle-head

This is a great pattern and one in which I realized my laziness of basting came to haunt me. The directions tell you to baste your straps down…which of course I didn’t. I just pinned them like I usually do (because I am lazy and I hate basting and having to pull the basting out) and I ended up having to fix one of the straps after I flipped it because it was not only crooked but off center. Note to self: basting is better than tearing out seams.

241 tote by noodle-head

Overall, it’s a fabulous pattern that makes the perfect size bag! While I wouldn’t say it’s a great bag for total beginners, it is a good pattern for those with a basic knowledge of how to construct a pattern. I totally love it and have gobs of ideas of ways I can make more and throw a splash of embroidery on the front. Thanks for a spectacular pattern Anna!!

throwback thursday: the watermelon girl

On instagram and facebook, Thursdays have become this kind of looking back at your life sort of thing. My feeds become flooded with old pictures of times past and while I haven’t gotten into that aspect of it myself, I figured I would start my own version of it on the blog.

I started this blog when my daughter was born as an out (she is now pushing way too close to 8 years old). It was a way to record my thoughts and struggles as I transitioned to a stay at home mom. Soon after I started it, I began to pick up sewing again and everything happening in the world of sewing in my life truly blossomed via this blog. It really is a record of how far I’ve come with my knowledge and skills…and yet how far I still have to go. To that end, I thought it would be fun to try and start a regular repost on Thursdays from the archives.

I’m sharing this watermelon girl because she holds a special place in my heart. She was the first thing I ever embroidered that I totally loved and didn’t want to let go. And she was the first thing I ever sold on etsy. So in tribute, this is from the archives – February 2008



I am starting a stash of these with hopes of selling them, either by word of mouth or by opening an Etsy shop. I’m not sure yet.






Here is the latest; I call her Melon Girl. She turned out really great and I had a lot of fun sewing her.

walk on. be free.

I’ve had the joy of stitching up a host of wedding shoes over the last year. It was a new venture and I’ve loved each opportunity to stretch my creative and stitching muscles.

Embroidered "toms"

Recently I was approached about removing the tag from the back of a pair of TOMS and stitching some words at the heels. I decided to do a little test of my own on my pair of faux TOMS and see what it would be like to stitch back there.

Embroidered "toms"

These aren’t my wedding shoes, so I wanted to put some meaningful yet fun words on the back. I came up with “walk on” and “be free”.
I tend to stagnate in life and get overwhelmed by discussing and hashing out all the details before even making a decision; so “walk on” is my reminder to not get stuck and to just keep moving. Sometimes, well actually many times in life, a decision is hashed out by actually walking through it instead of just talking about it. When we do keep moving that’s where “be free” comes in. Freedom comes from moving in faith. I love the words by Mark Buchanan: “faith is utter dependency, yet daring initiative.”

Embroidered "toms"

So, here I go.

Walk on.
Be free.