custom embroidery {family mission statement}

Custom embroidery family mission statement

I’ve had the privileged lately to custom design a few embroideries¬† with such great stories. It is always so fun and amazing to be able to take what someone has had pictured in their heads and create it for them. This family mission statement was such a project.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

This wife approached me wanting to have their family mission statement embroidered for their upcoming wedding anniversary. She had a few photos of examples that she had liked and after we chatted back and forth a little I was able to come up with this design. It’s the first time I’ve stitched with these open block letters and I love the look so much. She had desired to have some little hearts on the piece based on a example that she had sent me and we opted to stitch them inside the open space in the block letters.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

Her desire was to have a very natural look and so I used an unbleached muslin for the backdrop and stitched the text in a very dark grey. The hearts were a mix of turquoises, pinks and a golden yellow.

Custom embroidery family mission statement

I can’t tell you want a blessing it is to hear customers declare that it was exactly what they were picturing in their heads. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity and ability to create for others a family heirloom that they can pass down.

throwback thursday: the watermelon girl

On instagram and facebook, Thursdays have become this kind of looking back at your life sort of thing. My feeds become flooded with old pictures of times past and while I haven’t gotten into that aspect of it myself, I figured I would start my own version of it on the blog.

I started this blog when my daughter was born as an out (she is now pushing way too close to 8 years old). It was a way to record my thoughts and struggles as I transitioned to a stay at home mom. Soon after I started it, I began to pick up sewing again and everything happening in the world of sewing in my life truly blossomed via this blog. It really is a record of how far I’ve come with my knowledge and skills…and yet how far I still have to go. To that end, I thought it would be fun to try and start a regular repost on Thursdays from the archives.

I’m sharing this watermelon girl because she holds a special place in my heart. She was the first thing I ever embroidered that I totally loved and didn’t want to let go. And she was the first thing I ever sold on etsy. So in tribute, this is from the archives – February 2008



I am starting a stash of these with hopes of selling them, either by word of mouth or by opening an Etsy shop. I’m not sure yet.






Here is the latest; I call her Melon Girl. She turned out really great and I had a lot of fun sewing her.

walk on. be free.

I’ve had the joy of stitching up a host of wedding shoes over the last year. It was a new venture and I’ve loved each opportunity to stretch my creative and stitching muscles.

Embroidered "toms"

Recently I was approached about removing the tag from the back of a pair of TOMS and stitching some words at the heels. I decided to do a little test of my own on my pair of faux TOMS and see what it would be like to stitch back there.

Embroidered "toms"

These aren’t my wedding shoes, so I wanted to put some meaningful yet fun words on the back. I came up with “walk on” and “be free”.
I tend to stagnate in life and get overwhelmed by discussing and hashing out all the details before even making a decision; so “walk on” is my reminder to not get stuck and to just keep moving. Sometimes, well actually many times in life, a decision is hashed out by actually walking through it instead of just talking about it. When we do keep moving that’s where “be free” comes in. Freedom comes from moving in faith. I love the words by Mark Buchanan: “faith is utter dependency, yet daring initiative.”

Embroidered "toms"

So, here I go.

Walk on.
Be free.

happy 60

My aunt and uncle are getting ready to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. As much as we tried to make it happen, a trip to California wasn’t in the cards for us to help them celebrate in person. So my parents are delivering a special gift from me…

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

I took my little family people and this newspaper clipping and stitched up the happy couple.


Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

They are stitched with a combination of rayon floss and cotton floss and I added some beads for my aunts pearl necklace and her veil headdress.

Her wedding flowers were sweet peas and gladiolas. So I tried my hand at stitching up a gladiola on the bottom and stuck with her colors of salmon/peachy and yellow for the rest of the little flowers.

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

Here’s to 60 years Uncle Bob and Aunt Lillian!

little gifts + another lesson in negative space

Earlier in the year I ordered a set of these awesome little pendants from dandelyne. They flew all the way from Australia to my doorstep, only to sit on my shelf for way too long. Back in the late spring I finally put a few together. Right now, these are all brooches (aka pins) and I’m working on a way to do necklace chains for them (that’s on the to-do list for the Fall re-boot).

Mini hoops

Each brooch is roughly 2 inches in diameter and is handmade by Ms. Dandelyne herself. They are great quality and such fun to design and stitch.

I think my favorite though is this natural one that I stitched up with this awesome beaded and hand dyed thread.

Mini hoops

Although this one makes me happy too..

Mini hoops

They make great little gifts for all sorts of occasions or just because.

My other little gift that I finally marked off my to-do list this past spring was my first set of bookmarks.

Bookmarks redo with velvet and lace elastic

These are elastic medallion style that are meant to wrap around the pages of the book. The elastic is a choice of either lace or black velvet and they are named after a few of my favorite classic books.

Great Expectations
Bookmarks redo with velvet and lace elastic

Pride and Prejudice
Bookmarks redo with velvet and lace elastic

and Emma
Bookmarks redo with velvet and lace elastic

Each one is a mix of lazy daisyes and vintage buttons all finished off with some great wool felt.

The last project is one that I was so crazy eager to stitch. I had this design in my head with these great words from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Always and forever love - negative space outlining with lazy daisies and French knots

They sum up the Gospel in just a phrase…God loves us with a love that is never stopping, never giving up, always and forever love.

Always and forever love - negative space outlining with lazy daisies and French knots

I wanted to try my hand at another version of “negative-space” outlining; this time with lazy daisy flowers. I can’t tell you how much I love how this turned out. It’s another one of those that I’m content to look at up on my shelf (even though it is available in the shop to hang on yours).

Off to finish up my luna moth and get started on a couple of new custom orders.
I think my vacation is over.

WIP {luna moth}

After a slew of custom orders, I finally took up this lovely luna moth I had transferred like a million months ago.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

She is stitched with a mix of dmc thread, coton a broder and lovely d’aubusson wool floss.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

She is outlined with a backstitch, the wings are filled in with a brick stitch and the body and head are a padded satin stitch.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

I finished up the moth last night and hope to get the background finished in the next couple of days.

Then she can join her other winged friend on my wall. (But she is available for purchase in the shop)

butterfly hoopart2

These are a set of patterns available from Urban Threads.

into the darkness

Sarah Williams stars poem

I feel like I’ve almost started having an obsession with star oriented quotes. I’m drawn to words about the darkness and to designing art that expresses those words. But not in a morose or depressed sort of sense.

Coldplay stars quote. Custom grey and yellow

You know when you are in a dark room in the midst of a thunderstorm and suddenly lightening lights up the room?

mini star hoops

Or sometimes you are asleep and your crazy husband wakes up and flips on the light because he’s having his repetitive “bugs are crawling on me dream”? (maybe not this one)

Mini hoops

Where my husband and I sit right now in our life is like sitting in darkness. But not a hopeless, lonely, oppressive sort of darkness. Just a lost sort of darkness.


Like there is just enough light to show us where to keep prodding along. Or the days when it seems super dark, the light flashes just enough for us to see that we are still on the right path, still walking in the right direction and just enough to know that we aren’t going to walk into a wall in the next few steps. Just enough light to keep us moving.

I am learning that there are seasons in our lives where we can be in the darkness and still be o.k. It’s a faith-building sort of darkness. Like those camp activities where you have to fall backwards into the arms of your campmates and trust that they really are going to catch you. It’s keeping on with keeping on and knowing that the way is before you and there is One who knows the deepest darkness like we will never know it walks along with us. And through Him, “the darkest nights do produce the brightest stars”.