Quarantine Quilt 2020

Quarantine Quilt (KMQGmonochromaticQAL) 2020

I’ve done very little to document life during the last ten weeks besides just regular posts/stories on Instagram. But the one thing that I can look at and remember these weeks will be this quilt. My local Modern Quilt Guild challenged us with a Quilt Along at the onset of the lockdown and I was all in…but with parameters.

Monochromatic QAL "Quarantine Quilt"

My initial goal was to make the quilt top out of fabrics in my stash. The pattern we used had pretty extensive sashing/background fabric so I only had one fabric with enough yardage to make that happen. This dictated the rest of the colorways. Because the background was going to be this crazy orange fabric, I knew that I wanted to pull in fabrics that had at least some oranges in them. I also wanted some solids – of which I have very little in my current stash so it was definitely a challenge!

Quarantine Quilt (KMQGmonochromaticQAL) 2020

The quilt top came together pretty quickly and was probably one of the most enjoyable tops I’ve put together. Then it just sat in my drawer waiting for me to figure out the back…and to buy some batting. I spent at least two weeks trying to decide on a back and all the while online fabric shops became busier and busier and their stock was just diminishing; along with shipping times becoming crazy long. I went back to my stash to see what I could piece together for the back and found this little bit of yardage left from probably 15+ years ago and decided to make it work.

Quarantine Quilt (KMQGmonochromaticQAL) 2020

I pulled some solids for some half square triangles along the sides and had enough of this purple for the top. I don’t love the back, but honestly I knew from the beginning this was going to be a “scrappy quilt” so I just let it go.

But I was left with the issue of batting. I couldn’t get my hands on any without a super long wait. Then I saw an instagram post from Matthew Boudreaux (aka @MisterDomestic) on #frankenbatting and I was all in. I knew I had enough batting scraps to piece enough together and at this point I decided that if I was going to do a quarantine quilt – this was the way to do it.

And then it was finished! I’m super happy with it and honestly if I wanted a reminder of these last 10 weeks (and just the general state of things in general) this would be the reminder I want to have.

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